Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Real Estate Investors Go On Offense

Investors Go On Offense
"The exclusive National Real Estate Investor/Marcus & Millichap Investor Sentiment Index shows that investor confidence has taken a major step forward in the past year. After bottoming out in 2009 with an index rating of 91, investor sentiment rose to 113 in the first quarter and 119 in the third quarter of this year."
I read this headline from market experts Marcus and Millichap with great interest.  For some time now, I and my associates have been telling our friends who are standing on the sidelines holding fearfully onto their money that this is the ideal time to invest in real estate.  It seems the big money agrees with me and is moving ahead.
Meanwhile those who could be working with folks like me to buy some of the cheapest real estate deals they will see in their lifetime continue to wait until everyone acknowledges the trend and has jumped on the bandwagon, thereby assuring that they will be victims of the buy high and sell low phenomenon that always wipes out those who follow the crowd.
You can trust me on this; when everyone in the media starts talking about how great the real estate market is doing, I and my associates will be selling and maximizing our gains while getting ready for the next down cycle that will inevitably follow the craze.
Is it too late to get in now?  No, but it will be soon if the gurus at Marcus and Millichap are right.  By the middle of 2011 they predict investor confidence will be very strong and market activity will be significant.
There are still lots of deals out there to be had and even as little as $10,000 can be parlayed into significant returns for the savvy investor.

Tom Sheppard has been successfully investing in real estate since 2001 while working part time. In 2008 he left a six-figure job as an enterprise project manager with a major national bank to manage his real estate business full-time. His goal is to help 100,000 people find peace of mind by finding quality, affordable homes. Why pay retail when you can buy a home at below market prices? http://www.buybelowmarket.com/. He is currently looking to expand his network of partners who are helping him achieve this goal. If you would like to know more about how you can help, contact Tom at TSheppard@ADBProperties.com

I read this book.  In fact I have it personally autographed by the author, George Ross who I had dinner with.  It is a very interesting read and provides some significant insights that I am applying to my own business.

Tom S.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

360 Millionaire - Last Chance

Why you should be beating down the doors to attend the 360 Millionaire Class with JT Foxx and what you will learn there!

Because JT Foxx continually updates his materials to work in the current market, the exact details of what he teaches in one class are not the same in the next class. So even though I have attended his class before, the list of learnings I give here is partial, generally accurate, and probably won’t be covered in exactly the same way as it was when I heard him teach it before.

Last year, JT called this class, “Partner Your Way to Millions” and it was a great class. Since then he has renamed it, retooled it, and completely updated it to be even more effective.

Why would anyone want to attend a class about millionaires? Very simply because we all want to be financially independent. Some of us want to be stinking rich.

Robert Kiyosaki (a friend of JT’s) in his book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” teaches that financial independence is when you have income sources outside of your job that meet or exceed your ordinary expenses. For many of us financial independence is enough. Others want still more.

Many of us who were raised working-class, like I was, have been taught to look down on people of wealth as some form of leech on society (some politicians try to manipulate us with this ploy today). This is a way for us to make our relative poverty into a virtue and their wealth into a vice that we aren’t afflicted with. This is really just a mental coping mechanism, an excuse to help us to avoid feeling bad that we haven’t been good enough with our talents to lift ourselves to that level. Jesus taught in his parable of the talents that we should be very aggressive in turning our 5 into 10 and our 10 into 100. And yet, we sneer at those who turn 10 into 100. My mother taught me that this is what is called, “reverse snobbery.” It is actually a form of pride and envy. Did you realize that even us poor folk can be guilty of the kind of pride and envy we imagine is in the heart of the wealthy.

A wise man taught me that being wealthy won’t make you a good person or bad, it will just make you more of what you already are. If you are a jerk, you will be a bigger jerk. If you are nice, you will be even nicer to people. Wealthy people give more to charities that poor people, because they can and they want to. A little while ago I spent a weekend with a man who is worth $300 million. He doesn’t need to work another day in his life. He was paid to be there with a group of us and teach us his secrets of negotiating. Every dollar he received for being there was contributed to his favorite charity – a children’s hospital. How would you like to be able to give $30,000 to your favorite charity? You can’t when you need that money just to pay your bills. But if you are financially independent and wealthy you can do that, if you choose. Financial independence is about having the ability to choose what to do with your time and your money.

Do you want to spend your whole life depending on how much your boss likes you so that you can improve your financial security? Most of us dream of the day when we can sing along with Johnny Paycheck and say to our boss, “take this job and shove it. I ain’t workin’ here no more.”

In our society today we equate the term millionaire with someone who doesn’t have to depend upon their job anymore. If you become a millionaire, you can join those who have gone before you to tell their boss to “take this job and shove it.”

But are we willing to do anything to make that day happen? What is keeping you from making that happen? If you are like I used to be, there are several things (fears) holding you back. For years these prevented me from even trying to be too successful:

  • I am afraid that I will have to give up what is most important to me in order to attain financial independence. The stories of wrecked lives on the path to wealth are many and legendary. It is true that the enemy of our happiness wants us to give up the sources of true happiness in exchange for worldly wealth or fame. But, that is a false bargain. There is no reason you cannot be financially independent while not sacrificing the most important things in life.
The trap of trading what is important for the mundane is even more prevalent when you are depending upon the pleasure of your boss for your financial well being. How many opportunities to do what you know is important have you missed because you couldn’t afford to take time off from work?

Many years ago I realized the danger of the lure of corporate success. I decided then that I wasn’t going to accept the notion that others pushed at me that the only way I could succeed in the company was to give my life to the company while sacrificing everything else that was important to me. I decided that when I retired from a successful corporate career, I wanted to go home to my first wife and children, not to an empty home or one filled with reminders of failed relationships that had been destroyed in my quest for financial success in my career.

In 2008 I retired from a job paying me six figures per year. I went home to my first wife and children. My successful career did not cost me my marriage and my family. If I had learned many years ago what JT Foxx teaches today, I could have succeeded in my career much quicker and I could have retired to become my own boss much sooner, all without sacrificing the most important things in life.

  • I don’t know what I need to do to become financially independent. Some once told me, “if you think education is expensive, try ignorance and experience and see how much more expensive they are.” That is really true. I have paid the price in ignorance and experience on some things and paid for education on others. I can authoritatively say that education, no matter the cost is much less expensive than the alternatives. Education gives us a chance to become wise by learning from the ignorance and experience of others.

Even when we really want to become financially independent, most of us have no idea how to make that come to pass. I did it in 2008. I met JT after then and he taught me things that have helped further my dream. If I had known years ago what he is teaching today, I could have made my exit from being under someone else’s thumb years ago.

What You Will Learn from the 360 Millionaire?

The truth is that what you learn is a function of what you are open to learn and what is taught. Because I don’t know how open your mind is to receive the knowledge you need to change your life for the better, I cannot tell you what you will learn in this class with JT. But, I can tell you some of what he will teach if you are able to learn it.

A fundamental truth that JT teaches in all his classes is that the key to building your net worth is your network. Building your business or advancing your career is tied to your ability to build and utilize a network of strong relationships with people who become willing to help you achieve your goals. Your network is equal to your net worth.

Some of what you will learn in the 360 Millionaire Class with JT Foxx
  • How to build your network
Effective ways to network
How to find millionaires in your community
How to build relationships with millionaires
How to monetize your network
  • The model JT used and still uses to get the funding he needed to start his business
Step by step how to apply this model to fund your own business
Keys to maintaining this model indefinitely
  • Secrets of branding
How to tell someone about your brand in under a minute
How to get them to ask you for more information
  • Secrets of marketing
How to get your brand in front of people
How to bring people to your business
How to monetize your marketing
How to become The Expert without being branded a “know-it-all”
  • How to manage your image
  • Secrets of successful businesses
Key functions you need to create or have in place
Key information that will make or break your business

This short list just scratches the surface. There is a lot more he will teach in the two days of this class.

This Really Is Your Last Chance

JT has announced that although the class will be held in 2011, he will no longer be personally teaching this class. Yes, you will still be able to get some wonderful instruction, but you won’t be getting it directly from someone who is widely recognized as a marketing genius.

If you are a friend of mine and want to attend the class being held in Charlotte on this December 4th and 5th you need to get in contact with me right away.

Tom ~

PS: You can enroll for the class by going to www.360millionaireclass.com If you are a friend of mine, send me an email letting me know you have enrolled in the class in Charlotte and I will give you a special promotion code that will give you a significant discount off the $5,000 fee that is regularly charged for this class.  My email is at the bottom of this blog.  But you must act fast, seating is filling up quickly and when the seats are gone the discount will be irrelevant.

If you are sick and tired of seeing your investments go into retirement long before you do,

call us today for the cure.


Leave a message for us 24 hours a day at 704-900-1488
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Why Buy Retail?

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About J.T. Foxx
J.T. Foxx started investing 6 years ago with nothing more than a rusted out Ford pick-up truck, $974 dollars and the clothes on his back. Now just four 6 years later, he has closed over $40 million in real estate deals, become an internationally recognized speaker and developed a multitude of successful business ventures - all by mastering the Art of partnering, branding & marketing.

J.T. is most recognized as a very successful real estate investor and entrepreneur but he is also a popular nationally syndicated weekend radio personality of the "J.T. Foxx Show" and the "Canadian Wealth Show". His radio program features such celebrity guests as Senator McCain, Secretary of State, William Cohen, Rev Jesse Jackson, Trump, and George Ross (Donald Trump's right hand man), and celebrated authors like Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Bob Proctor, from The Secret and Mark Victor Hanson from the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

Even though his recognition and success in business and radio continues to rise, J.T.'s true passion is teaching and reaching out to those who dream of achieving their goals by creating differentiation and thinking differently. J.T. teaches the same practical applications he utilizes daily and that actually get results in today's rapidly changing marketplace, bottom line his techniques work.

J.T. is beloved by his audiences for his results oriented, no-nonsense approach to business and to life - but most importantly because he gives them the tools not only to make more money, but to thrive and make a powerful impact for the better.

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Tom started investing about nine years ago with no money and no credit. Learning avidly from established experts, following their instructions and working part-time he was soon able to build a real estate business with more than a $1 million in assets.

Two years ago Tom retired from a six-figure salary with a major national bank to work at his real estate business full time (www.adbproperties.com). Since then he has founded The Gold Seal Homes Group which has the goal of helping 100,000 people attain peace of mind by finding quality, affordable homes. In the current market, the primary thrust of the Group is to help people buy homes at below market prices(www.buybelowmarket.com).

Tom can be reached at: 704-699-6080 or tsheppard@adbproperties.com