Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Welcome to the Lemonaide Stand

If we let it, life tends to move us toward where we need to be.  I realized many years ago that my greatest satisfaction in life comes from helping others to succeed.

When I started this blog, it was with the purpose of drawing attention to and promoting my real estate investing efforts with the intention of helping others to succeed along with me.  Along the way, I have realized that for others to enjoy the success I have experienced, they need information that focuses on more than just real estate.

To this end, I will soon release my first book, "Get Promoted to the Life You Want: A No BS Guide to Help You Get and Keep the Job You Want."  Why this book?

Because I realize that many people are suffering the effects of unemployment or underemployment, and their career paths are not getting them the rewards they hope for.  In 30+ years in the work force, my career has had its share of ups and downs.  But for the last 20+ it has been a steady climb into six-figure salaries.

During those 20+ years, I did not have a single day of unemployment, even though I was laid off, merged, acquired, divested, down-sized, etc.

Looking back, I realized I had learned and used some valuable skills that I can pass on to help others navigate the winds of workplace change.  I learned how to change potential disasters into stepping stones to greater prosperity.

But success is not just about getting and keeping the job you want.  It is also about having the kind of relationships you want, the health you want, and the financial strength you want.

This column will bring you a variety of topics all aimed at one goal.  Helping all of us to turn potential disasters in our lives into stepping stones to greater happiness and prosperity.

Along the way, you will find that I frequently recommend some helpful book I have been reading.  Here is the most recent I have found to help us parents to do a better job than we would if just left to our own wisdom.

My wife just finished reading this book and highly recommends it.  I will be reading it soon.  From what she told me, I wish I had been able to read it many years ago.  My children might have had it a bit better if I had known this then.

I hope you enjoy this book and find it as helpful as my wife and I.

Tom Sheppard has been successfully investing in real estate since 2001 while working part time. In 2008 he left a six-figure job as an enterprise project manager with a major national bank to manage his real estate business full-time. His goal is to help 100,000 people find peace of mind by finding quality, affordable homes. Why pay retail when you can buy a home at below market prices? He is currently looking to expand his network of funding partners who are helping him achieve this goal. If you would like to know more about how you can do well by doing good, contact Tom at