Sunday, February 2, 2014

Been A Long Time Since I ....

"Been a long time since I rock and rolled.Been a long time since I did that stroll."  So go the lyrics from the song Rock and Roll by Heart.

Sorry for my absence on this blog.  It's been a long time since I wrote this blog.

In truth, I move most of my blogging to two other sites - my political blog "Defending Our Rights" and "The Home Finders" blog where I focus on helping people to afford quality homes by teaching them how to manage their career or build their own small business, how to invest, and how to buy their own home.

Since the last posting on this site, back in 2002, I went on to become Chief of Staff for JT Foxx and then, shortly thereafter to part company with JT and to publish the book "Millionaire Liar: What The Gurus Won't Tell You About Making Your First Million in Real Estate (but Tom will)".

In fact, I have been investing a lot of time in the past couple of years writing.  Much of what I have written and published are concepts and approaches that I have been using in my own real estate investing business as well as things I have done to manage my own career before I went into business on my own.

Here is a list of my recent real estate related publications, with links to each...

  • Millionaire Liar; available in paperback too - as mentioned above, I wrote this one to reveal the truth behind some of the most commonly used sales pitches in the real estate guru world.
  • 5 Ways to Buy a House Without a Bank Loan;  - I wrote this to help people to get started using creative financing approaches to get around the horrendously tight lending situation we are currently facing.
  • Buy a House at 70 Cents on the Dollar; - I wrote this to help people understand ways to buy homes at below market prices ... and to promote my business where I buy them this way and then sell them at a modest markup.
  • How to Price Your House to Sell; - I wrote this because many people overprice their home when they want to sell it, and most real estate agents don't (won't or can't) deter them from this and it hurts their ability to get a quick sale of their home.  Many times that delay triggers financial catastrophe for a home seller. 
  • 5 Things Every Home Buyer Should Know Before Signing a Contract; - A huge number of contracts to buy a house never get all the way to closing.  When that happens there is a lot of frustration and sometimes shattered dreams.  This book was written to help people dramatically increase their odds that when they make an offer to buy a home and sign the purchase contract, they will get to buy and move into the home they want.
  • Market Your Home Better Than An Agent; - Unfortunately, most real estate agents no very little about selling homes.  They are trained how to do contracts, but get little training in how to market a home.  No home seller should rely solely on a real estate agent, no matter how good they are, when selling their home.  This short guide gives you what you need to know to sell your own home, or your investment properties.
  • Seller Finance For Buyers; - This gives several different ways you can make offers to buy a home without getting a new bank loan, by getting the seller to finance the deal instead.
  • Seller Finance For Sellers; - This gives several different ways you can sell a home, even if buyers cannot get bank loans - like they are having trouble doing right now.
  • What About Land Trusts in North Carolina - I wrote this one as a result of having lawyers run screaming from the room when I wanted to buy a house into a land trust.  They told me that land trusts were not protected in the laws of North Carolina.  I did some research on my own, instead of paying one of them $100 per hour to go look it up, and I found they are wrong.  Not only is there law in NC handling land trusts (although not enshrined in specific statutes like in Illinois or Florida) but the State of North Carolina is one of the biggest holders of land trusts in the state.  If the courts ruled against land trusts, they would cost taxpayers millions as the state government would have to totally pay up and change its handling of land trusts. I don't think that is likely to happen.  
And of course
In addition to these books and articles on Real Estate, I have published several on Career Management and Life Coaching and I even published a science fiction trilogy.

Here are my Career Management and Life Management titles to date...
Fire Yourself: Get the Job You Want available in paperback too
Career Insurance: Keep the Job You Want
Come Out On Top: Goals to Live By
A Guide to Self-Directed Learning
Your Career ~ Your Business: Using Small Business Tactics to Manage Your Career

AND... the writing I did just for the fun of it... my Sci Fi trilogy "The Masterless Sword"  (available in paperback and ebook form)

Rise of the Master Mage

Queen of the Wildwood

I hope you enjoy my return to this blog and I hope you will check out my other blogs and publications.  Know that there is more to come.

And, I want to publicly state here my gratitude to one of my mentors, Raymond Aaron.  As he explained to me the ease with which I could publish my works, I got inspired to do just that.

If you have a book inside of you, but just can't seem to get it out, let me know.  I can help.  I have created a process I call Book Whispering.  Even if you aren't good at sitting down and writing things out, especially if you aren't good at sitting down and writing things out, my process will help.

If you would like to know more, send an email to with the subject line "I Want to Whisper My Book".  My initial consultation is free.  If you decide to enroll in my program, you can expect to see your book in print and available online in as little as three months.

Tom Sheppard is the author of "Fire Yourself: Get the Job You Want" available from XLibris Press and through Tom has been successfully investing in real estate since 2001 while working part time. In 2008 he left a six-figure job as an enterprise project manager with a major national bank to manage his real estate business full-time. His goal is to help 100,000 people find peace of mind by finding quality, affordable homes. He is currently looking to expand his network of funding partners who are helping him achieve this goal. If you would like to know more about how you can Do Well By Doing Good (TM), go to

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